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October 17th 15:35

Border Crossing

The Blue Water Bridge Duty Free is open and will continue to provide services to essential travellers.

We are closely following the recommendations of Health Canada for the safety and well-being of our customers and employees.

Hours of operation remain: open 24 hrs, 7 days per week.

A trip over the border at Blue Water Bridge will go much more quickly when planned. Make sure that everyone in your vehicle has appropriate identification for crossing the border.

NEXUS cardholders can use Nexus bypass lanes to avoid line-ups at Blue Water Bridge. On the U.S. side, travelers with Radio Frequency enabled I.D. (RFID) — such as U.S. passport cards or enhanced driver’s licenses — can use the Ready Lane at certain times of day.

Be prepared to pay the toll to cross the bridge. Current passenger and commercial vehicle rates can be found here:

canada-to-us usa-to-canada

Also be prepared to answer questions about your citizenship and the purpose and length of your visit. Passengers on buses must undergo the same procedures as passengers in private vehicles.